Alert service about the appearance of goods in stock, reduced prices and delivery times

A normal conversion of online stores is 1%. It means that 99% of visitors leave the online store without completing a purchase.

3 main reasons for this:

  1. A buyer wants cheaper.
  2. A buyer needs faster.
  3. An item is not available.

Typical indicators of each such visit:

  1. Website viewing depth is only 1 page
  2. The session duration is up to 15 seconds.
  3. The bounce rate was increased by 1. A bounce in Google is a visit with a viewing depth of not more than 1 page.


  1. The budget for the promotion of the online store is being burned.
  2. The conversion is 1% or less.
  3. The reputation becomes worse.
  4. An increase in the bounce rate causes a drop in positions in Search Engines.

How to fix:

  1. To delay the client on the site for more than 15 seconds, so that he views more than one page. For example, by allowing him to fill out a subscription form to notify him of a reduction in price, delivery time or receipt of goods in availability.
  2. To organize this automatic notification of the buyer about the receipt of goods, or about a reduction in price or delivery time.


HTML-code of the service is inserted on the product card pages.
This implements the following buttons:

I want cheaper and I need faster
If an item is not available, then “The product will soon be on sale again. Report about availability.

You will be able to use your texts and CSS-style.

(As an option: when the user moves the cursor right up, a similar message pops up).
Now, in addition to the only option to leave the site, the buyer also has an alternative – click on the appropriate button.

The input form appears. The buyer enters his e-mail or mobile number, ticks “I consider analogs”, “I agree to receive the newsletter”, “I agree with the privacy policy”. Click “Submit.”

All the data and URLs of the product’s page are sent by e-mail to employees of the online store and the server.

Employees of the online store get the opportunity to contact the buyer. server launches a periodic checking of the item availability, prices or delivery times on the page of this item, depending on what the buyer noted.
As soon as this event happens, an e-mail or SMS is sent to the buyer immediately, an email with all the data is also sent to the store employees.

After receiving the notification, the buyer is highly likely to return to the online store to complete the purchase. Also, employees of the online store get the opportunity to contact the buyer and sell the goods.


  • Minimizing the cost of attracting a buyer.
  • Increased visitor retention.
  • Conversion growth.
  • Improving the usability of the site.
  • Increase reputation.
  • Building a customer base.
  • Behavioral Optimization:
    • bounce rate minimization
    • increased viewing depth
    • increase the duration of stay on the site
  • Promotion of an online store in Search Engines due to good behavioral factors.
  • The growth of free organic Search Engine traffic reduces the cost of attracting customers.
  • Increased sales and online store profit growth.

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